Install tmux on OSX and Basics Commands for Beginners

tmux is a Terminal MUltipleXer.


  • Install tmux via HomeBrew of OSX
$ brew install tmux
  • After downloaded, check the version
$ tmux -V


First of all, you need to know a few terms before you learn how to use them.

  • Prefix: This is the key combination that must be entered before entering the shortcut key. The default prefix for tmux is ctrl + b. If the shortcut is c then you need to type <ctrl + b> + c.
  • Session: The largest unit managed by tmux. “attach/detach” to the session. Even if you detach from the session, the session continues to run in the background.
  • Window: This is the same tab that exists in the session. You can have multiple windows in one session. You can create and switch windows within a session and switch the entire screen as you move tabs.
  • Pane: This is the screen unit existing in the window. You can have multiple panes in a window. If you divide the entire screen vertically by two, two panes are created.


Start Session

$ tmux
$ tmux new -session_name
$ tmux new-session -session_name

Exit Session

$ exit

Attach Session

$ tmux attach -t session_name

Detach Session

<prefix> + d$ tmux kill-session -t2

Session List

$ tmux ls

Change Session Numbering

<prefix> + $

Reset tmux

Kill the existing sessions

tmux kill-server


All windows-related commands & shortcuts must be executed within the session.

Create Window

<prefix> + C

Change Window Name

<prefix> + ,

Kill the Current Window

<prefix> + &

Managing split panes

<prefix> + "
<prefix> + %
<prefix> + x

My Favorite Splited Type

1. Split Vertically

<prefix> + "

2. Split The Below Window Horizontally

To split the below window, we should move to the below using this command with the arrow key.

<prefix> + ↓

Then, use the command split horizontal I mentioned above.

<prefix> + %

Finally, we got the multi-windows terminal!

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