Developing Java EE Application

Creating a project

  1. Click Create New Project on the Welcome screen, or select File | New | Project. The New Project wizard opens.

Exploring the project structure

When the project is created, you’ll see something similar to this in the Project tool window.

  • External Libraries include your JDK and the JAR files for working with Tomcat.

Developing source code

Our application will be a single JSP page application. Its only function will be to output the text Hello, World!

  1. Between <body> and </body> type Hello, World!

Running the application

In the upper-right part of the workspace, click ▶︎.

Modifying the code and observing the changes

  1. In index.jsp, change Hello, World! to Hello!.

Exploring a run configuration

When creating the project, we specified Tomcat as an application server. As a result, IntelliJ IDEA created a run configuration for Tomcat.

Exploring an artifact configuration

When creating the project, we indicated that we were going to develop a web application. As a result, IntelliJ IDEA, among other things, created a configuration for building a web application artifact. Let’s have a look at this configuration.

  • ‘Web’ facet resources represent the contents of the webdirectory.