From helpful highlighting tips when collaborating, to working with tables, and how to avoid mistakes.

Useful Packages for Highlighting

In Overleaf…

GestureRecognizer not responding to tap

  • In case Tap Gesture is not recognized in Simulator despite following the tutorial.

Creating a project

  1. Click Create New Project on the Welcome screen, or select File | New | Project. The New Project wizard opens.

How Servlet Works

Install Tomcat

Download the Apache Tomcat

  • Download the zip file or tar file

Decision Boundary


Support Vector Machine

Early ’90s Vladimir Vapnik introduced the ideas, SVM(Support Vector Machine).


  • Install tmux via HomeBrew of OSX
$ brew install tmux
  • After downloaded, check the version
$ tmux -V


First of all, you need to know a few terms before you learn how to use them.

  • Prefix: This is the key combination that must be entered before entering the shortcut key. The default prefix for tmux is ctrl + b. If the shortcut is c then you need to type <ctrl + b> + c.
  • Session: The largest unit managed by tmux. “attach/detach” to the session. …

Jeongwhan Choi

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